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ApeGNB is responsible to safeguard life, health and property through qualified ethical conduct in professional engineering for the benefit of the public, and to a somewhat lesser degree, to provide services to the general membership to aid in professional development.

In order to administer the legislation concerning the practice of qualified professional engineering and geoscience, there must be machinery for the review and guidance of educational requirements, the development and maintenance of professional standards before and after registration, the adherence to ethics and, as a licensing body, ApeGNB is obliged to carry out the functions associated with enforcement and discipline.

With regard to the general membership services, ApeGNB is involved to a limited degree in those things which can reasonably be expected to apply to a significant number of members, or which can benefit the organization as a whole. These include international communications, public relations, liaison with other professions, limited counselling and placement services, life and liability insurance programs, awards, scholarships, and items of concern to special interest groups such as consulting practices and employee engineers and geoscientists.

To tie this together, the public protection on one hand and membership benefits on the other, there are routine housekeeping needs required for the proper functioning of any democratic administrative structure, such as election procedures, council meetings, general meetings, committee and branch activities, planning and finance procedures and the need for day-to-day administrative mechanisms necessary to support and sustain all these activities.

This is achieved through a permanent staff of seven people, and approximately 200 volunteers serving on council, committees, as branch representatives or as ApeGNB representatives to other organizations.

ApeGNB has a membership of approximately 4000, which includes all categories (full members, life members, honourary members, abated members, non-resident/non-practising members, engineers-in-training, geoscientists-in-training, university students, licensees, in-province and out-of-province firms).

The overall effectiveness of ApeGNB depends on the combined efforts of its members. Public tolerance of the profession depends on the success of enlightened and responsible engineers and geoscientists in demonstrating accountability rather than monopoly or restriction.

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