Some of the best bullet proof cars

Some of the best bullet proof cars

The global population has been on the rise on the past 3 to 4 decades. With the population almost doubling in the last 40 years, the crime rates and notorious terrorist activities has also doubled up. With more and more advancement in technology, the advancement of weapons has created a high alert among many high profile figures. The need of armored cars has risen and more and more companies are now putting in the effort of producing some of the best bulletproof cars in the world.

The Huron – Inkas Armored: Known as one of the deadliest armored trucks in the Canadian soil, you won’t need the protection of secret service if you are travelling in one of these. The interior is designed in a way to protect form all high powered ammunition and the floor is designed to save you from landmines as well.

The Chevloret Suburban – Inkas Armored: This is the perfect armored car for any type of terrain with a powerful engine the thick framing. It is designed with comfy interior and has a good spacing inside to sit and relax comfortably which makes a great choice of buying this armored car.

Mercedes Benz S600 – Inkas Armored; Another one of Inkas armored classics, this is one of the most popular cars for night visions and blast proof undercarriage. What makes it more special, any armoring done will not impact the rich looking exterior and it will be virtually unchanged

These are some of the most famous armored and bullet proof cars manufactured by Inkas Armored. There are many different models offered by many companies to provide the best security in threatening and violent conditions. You can visit the website for more info to inquire about which armored car best suits you. It is better to be armored and protected than regret later. Check this article on some of the cool armored cars you can buy.

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